ERA Integrated Logistics Sdn. Bhd. is one of the few in Sarawak to operate a public bonded warehouse in Kuching. The warehouse is strategically located on a 1.3 acre land in the Pending Industrial area in close proximity to the ports (Senari & Pending Port), Kuching International airport, Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone and Kuching Commercial centres.

We offer total chemical management, spare parts and general cargo warehousing facilities for both Customs bonded and non-bonded cargoes. These items are stored under air conditioning or normal room temperature condition.

Furtherance, we also offer Gas Warehouse management and storage for cylinder gases, including well-frained gas handling team.

Our warehousing services includes cargo storage, stuffing & unstuffing, palletizing, repacking, sorting, re-labeling of products and also stock inventory record control.

Our warehouse facilities are protected 24 hours a day by professional guards. As an added safety & security measure, the warehouse is also equipped with CCTV and modern and state-of-the-art fire protection equipment.

Front view of the warehouse. First and only FM-Approved in Sarawak. Constructed in January 2001

Air Conditioned Bonded Storage Area

Critical Items (Liquor) with Duty unpaid Storage

Chemical ISO tanks storage are prior discharging process at facility

Chemical Bonded Storage Area

Spare parts storage area at secure storage area